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Who is This Female DJ and Producer DJ LUZ?

DJ LUZ is deeply interrogated during an exclusive interview with Radio Marbella.

DJ LUZ’s real name is Rusu Monica-Ingrid. She is a female DJ and music producer born on May 31, 1994, in Bucharest, Romania. Her career as a DJ and producer started in 2017 and her first single is ‘Mambo Italiano (Remix)‘ released in 2018.

In addition to her musical talents, this beautiful female DJ has hobbies such as dancing, gymnastics, and she loves to see movies.

Interview DJ LUZ

This interview contains more than fifty playful, personal to business questions and filled with great photos and videos to create a clear impressum about the female DJ LUZ.

What does your morning ritual look like?

LUZ: “I brush my teeth, wash my face and I eat my breakfast. That’s my morning ritual… after that, I go to work or visit the gym.”

Coffee or tea?

LUZ: “Coffee.”

You were born in Russia? Are you often there?

LUZ: “Actually, my mother is from Moscow, Russia. I was there in my childhood but we stayed in Romania because my dad is Romanian. I don’t remember much of Russia.”

Tell us more about your new single “Liebe zu Berlin”?

LUZ – Liebe zu Berlin

LUZ: “My new single it’s something where I put a big dose of my feelings into it … if you listen to it carefully you will notice that all the elements can be noticed and they are quite entertaining but at the same time, it forms a whole and gives you peace of mind. When I finished the music project I was just proud of my song … I was OK with it “it’s really good” and I like it but after the mix, I was really like “OMG” … That’s “me” but transposed in a song, so it represents me a lot and I love it and I hope people will love it too.”

Who inspires you?

LUZ: “hmm, the night-life inspire me a lot, driving the car, people and the weather.”

Dancer or music producer, and why?

LUZ: “I love dancing. I was a ballerina in my childhood and then when I grew up I worked in the club as a dancer because I’ve been always attracted to the atmosphere, the music, the people, costumes, fun, etc . And why DJ/Producer? It’s a thin line between those two…If you feel the music and you love it you can express in many ways.”

What moment of the past year would you like to relive?

LUZ: “I think the vacay in Barcelona. It was super fun and I want to go there again and again.”

Your song “Liebe zu Berlin”. Quite different from your single (‘tonight’). Where is your heart?

LUZ: “My heart is open for music I don’t want to close her just in one style … It’s like you love to eat but you eat just pizza, you will eat it, but not for a long time…When you pretend you are an artist you have to be open and creative…That’s why “Liebe zu Berlin” is different. Every single will be different because I am the kind of person who doesn’t like monotony. At the same time, if you say “yeah I love my people! ” and you want them to love you back you have to give them what they want, you need them …That’s what happens if you don’t make music just for you..haha:)) … By the way, let me tell you a secret … my next single will be a little bit Reggaeton and it will be AWESOME, I am very excited!”

What’s the name of the very first single you bought?

LUZ: “I think Aaron by Paul Kalkbrenner.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

LUZ: “Piña colada.”

Do you play a musical instrument?

LUZ: “No. I was a singer in the school choir :))”

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would that be?

LUZ: “Hmm, Ibiza or Miami.”

Who would you like to work with?

LUZ: “I would like to work with Dj Snake, David Guetta, Sky, Cardi B, Maluma creme de la creme :))”

What is at the top of your bucket list?

LUZ: “First ..I want to have a house in a warm country and a Ford Mustang?”

Do you like to go out? And if so, where?

LUZ: “I like to go out in a pub or a club but I have moments when I prefer a park or a restaurant …something chill.”

When did you kiss for the first time?

LUZ: “14 or 15 years old.”

Alcohol or drugs?

LUZ: “hmm :))”

Do you have tattoos or piercings?

LUZ: “3 tattoos.”

Are you in love?

LUZ: “What are we without love?”

What is your most precious possession?

LUZ: “Myself, I’m the boss:)) ..I’m just joking.. my laptop!”

To what did you ever spend too much money on?

LUZ: “Clothes and shoes.”

Do you have a driver’s license?

LUZ: “No.”

What do you hate?

LUZ: “I hate fake people and to live in a mess.”

What do you think is the best invention ever?

LUZ: “Mobile phone.”

Who is your favorite female artist, DJ, or producer?

LUZ: “I don’t have a favorite female Dj ..my favorite is Dj Snake.”

What can we expect from you in the near future?

LUZ: “I have a lot of expectations of myself. I am conscientious and I know I will succeed. The biggest one is Tomorrow land.”

For what can we wake you up in the middle of the night?

LUZ: “You can wake me up to singing me “happy B-Day” on my birthday.”

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

LUZ: “I had never think about this ..but sounds interesting ..it is possible :))?”

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

LUZ: “I had never think about this ..but sounds interesting ..it is possible :))?”

What is the best way to describe LUZ?

LUZ: “LUZ is the best part of me, I try to put all my positive energy and I hope the people will feel that.”

When was LUZ established?

DJ LUZ - Female DJ and Producer
Stage name: DJ LUZ
Real name: Rusu Monica-Ingrid
Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania
Birthday: May 31, 1994
Body length: 1.65 M
Weight: 50 KG

LUZ: “LUZ wasn’t established. An idea arose as a spark ..that’s why I think .. the name “LUZ” fits perfect. 2 years ago I was talking to a manager .. and I said that I like music and I like to work in clubs … that kind of entertainment .. and he tells me.

“OK, Monica, you are nice, it’s great that you like, but you have to become an artist. You have to stop dancing and you have to become a Dj instead. Come to talk about this to the studio.”

I was at the studio and the man told me “You have to do that .. I can help you … or not, it’s your choice to become an artist or you go back to dancing“.

I was shocked and never expected that …and I tell him, okay I prefer to stay where I am right now, I chose to be a dancer but with my heads up! This price is too much for me, and I left.

After a while he texts me and he says he wants to help me and that he’s sorry and I say no, I’m okay as I am!

After I realized it’s all about me I can combine things. Maybe it’s harder but not impossible!
Why someone uses me? I can use myself for myself! So that’s how LUZ was born!

I told myself, if someone would interview me about this … I’ll tell them everything … because I think many people make compromises thinking they can’t do it … or others give up, are disappointed and don’t understand that if someone proposed something to them, they saw a bit of talent in them … and if the talent belongs to them, they just have to deal with it somehow.”

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

LUZ: “I have a team and I love them!”

What kind of music do you make?

LUZ: “Good music ?”

What distinguishes you as a DJ / producer?

LUZ: “I like to make the Mix the softness of a song I like to say ..I’m obsessed with the sound quality and the fact that my songs are different. As you say “Liebe zu Berlin” is different from “Tonight”, ”Mambo” is another movie …and the next one will be to the opposite.”

What was the best performance so far?

LUZ: “The best performance for me is this with Radio Marbella and I thank you!”

LUZ’s first song released in 2018.

What is the craziest thing you have ever experienced in your career?

LUZ: “In my career I don’t have a crazy experience only one the power was turned off at a club.. this not very crazy…but I can tell you one personal …I left Costa Brava on the train to Barcelona with my boyfriend, we were in Pacha and we got very drunk and in the morning we returned by train to the hotel. I want to repeat that experience.”

What is the best song you’ve ever produced?

LUZ: “Currently, it’s Liebe zu Berlin.”

How often do you perform per month/week/year?

LUZ: “I’m trying to work in every week.”

What has been your greatest success as a performing DJ / producer so far?

LUZ: “Success for me depends very much on the people how they are interacting with me. It’s great when they respond more and more.”

Have you ever won prizes, if so, which ones?

LUZ: “Not yet, but I will.”

Which price or award would you like to have?

LUZ: “I want a Grammy.”

Do you have international ambitions?

LUZ: “All my ambitions are international.”

Where do you want to perform?

LUZ: “I would like to perform in clubs in Miami and Ibiza.”

Where can we meet you in the future?

LUZ: “Maybe you will invite me for a live interview.”

Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

LUZ: “J Balvin.”

Where will you be in 5 years?

LUZ: “I hope with all my soul as high as possible. I just pray to God to keep healthy and inspired..”

What are your ambitions for the future?

LUZ: “I want an international hit, many collaborations, festivals, a Grammy and I want to have a record company.”


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