Female DJ MIA AMARE from Germany every Tuesday on Radio Marbella

Female DJ MIA AMARE from Germany every Tuesday on Radio Marbella

DJ MIA AMARE or Mia Mara DJane can be recognized for her cheerful mood and positive energy. This sweet half Russian and Azerbaijanian lady, based in Berlin, is every Tuesday night on Radio Marbella with her show HAPPY HOUSE.

Biography Mia Amare

Fun fact about Mia: Did you know she speaks four languages?
She speaks English, Russian, German, and Turkish

MIA AMARE, born in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, understands too well that women are underrepresented in the world of DJing, so her mission is to leave a female fingerprint.

Music had always been one of her greatest passions. Even when she was very little she always listened to music in a different way we listen to music. Music has always been a great understanding for MIA. This little girl has grown and started DJing in 2015 and has built up a gigantic fanbase in a short time. HAPPY HOUSE attracted very many people that resulted in million views.

You also know her from the “Mazda Sounds of Tomorrow DJ Contest 2016” where she was the finalist.

MIA AMARE’s beautiful smile can be seen all over the world. She has played in many different venues such as clubs, private parties, and festivals.

Mia Amare launched her Youtube channel in early 2015 and has 1.5 million total views. Her average monthly views touch 200,000 views divided among 32 energizing videos. Her channel is active and fun to watch.

In the following mix session she plays her own debut “NEED YOU” which was regularly aired on Radio Marbella. Below you can watch one of her videos.


Now that you know a lot about Mia Amare you need to know the following about this cheerful DJ namely her contact details.

Mia Amare - DJ

Mia Amare is every Tuesday at 8PM CET doing her HAPPY HOUSE session here at Radio Marbella.