You can download the official app of Radio Marbella for free on the Google Play Store.

Your phone’s factory default setting disables apps when the screen turns off. We help you how to solve this problem, visit our help page here.

Installing the mobile app is not enough to receive notifications. It must have been run at least once and allowed to receive notifications when asked.

The direct stream URL or MP3 URL of channel #1 is:


The MP3 stream for low-bandwidth and mobile Phones is:


The cause may be the bandwidth. If you have a weak to moderate internet connection and you are up/downloading or background applications use your internet connection, this can interrupt your connection with the stream.

We recommend to listen to Radio Marbella using our direct stream rather than from third parties. Online radio directories want to earn revenue from Radio Stations by attacking your device with banner ads and radio in-stream commercials. All of this has a negative impact on your connection to Radio Marbella.

You probably have a low bandwidth and we recommend that you use the stream for mobile phones.

There’s only one way to send music to Radio Marbella. Visit our music submission section. We ignore music submission requests via social media, newsletter or email.

You can only send your mixtape through our Mix Submission section. Maybe we’ll broadcast your mixtape during the Guest Show program.

Guest DJ is a one-off opportunity, so everyone gets a fair chance. A resident DJ is a team member of Radio Marbella and returns regularly with his or her own show. We are very picky when it comes to accepting disc jockeys to our team.

Yes, you can advertise your business or music on Radio Marbella. Advertise on the website, radio or both. For more information click here.


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