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To advertise on the radio you have to provide Radio Marbella a commercial spot or Radio Marbella can produce one for you. The audio file must be MP3 in 128 Kbps. Allowed length are 15, 30 or 60 seconds. For statistics and to submit your advertisement request visit our advertisement page.

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No, Radio Marbella’s premium stream does not offer apps for mobile phones.

Radio Marbella plays new music every day. From Monday to Friday, Radio Marbella handles an average of 12 new tracks.

To get the stream GO:PREMIUM information you first have to register. Once your registration is complete you can log in with your credentials. Under your personal account page you will find all details.

To listen Radio Marbella on iTunes download and open our PLS file.

To listen Radio Marbella on QuickTime download and open our QTL file.

To listen Radio Marbella on Real Player download and open our RAM file.

sign in or Go-Premium to unhide this information.

To listen Radio Marbella on Winamp download and open our PLS file.

GO:PREMIUM is a separate radio stream of Radio Marbella. In contrary to the public radio station, the premium is advertisement-free, ultra-high-quality bitrate, and no interruptions. This service is ideal for vocal deep house enthusiasts, shops, bars, work, and other public locations. For more information visit here.

The MP3 stream URL of Radio Marbella premium can be found under your account. This data is only accessible to GO:PREMIUM members. Register here.

The MP3 stream URL of the public Radio Marbella is https://radiomarbella.radioca.st/stream

Website (2)

To cancel your subscription. Sign in, on your account page you see your subscription plan. Click on view details and there you can terminate your subscription.

To delete your account hover your mouse over ‘Account’ at the main menu and select ‘Edit Profile‘. At the very bottom you see the button to delete your account. By deleting your account, all data will be deleted and your subscription terminated.

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