3 Interesting Facts About Marbella

Three interesting facts about Marbella is an article about the Spanish resort situated on the Mediterranean sea in Province Málaga, in the Andalucía region. Do you want to know new facts about the beautiful Marbella? Then enjoy reading this article.

Marbella is known as the walhalla for the rich and famous that attracted 12.5 million tourists last year, according to the President of Costa del Sol tourism, Elías Bendodo.

Miles of golden beaches, dinner at 5 Michelin stars restaurants, hundreds of special bars and really impressive clubs. Here are a number of honorable mentions:

Enough warming up, it’s time for 3 interesting facts about Marbella you most likely didn’t know.

The name Marbella

Very old photo Hotel Fuerte Marbella
Very old photo Hotel Fuerte Marbella

The name Marbella was actually Salduba. About 1600 BC the Romans possessed the city and called it Salduba this means Salt City. The scars of this era can be seen throughout the city, such as the Villa Romana de Rio Verde.

In the 6th century, the name Salduba changed to Marbil-la. This name was claimed by the Arabs who arrived at that time and brought the Islamic rule. For proof of that, you should pay a visit to The Alcazaba fortress.

In 1485 Marbella was conquered by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs led by King Fernando. Marbil-la was repelled and the town changed its name again for the last time in Marbella, which means “Beautiful Sea” (Mar means Sea, and Bella means Beautiful).

The Most Popular Clubs In Marbella

Clubs in Marbella - Mirage
Credits: Mirage Marbella

Special fact for the nightlife enthusiasts. What are the most popular nightclubs in Marbella that you should visit? According to Tripadvisor, the three most popular clubs in Marbella from high to low are:

  1. La Suite Club with a score of 4.5 points, divided among 47 reviews.
  2. Olivia Valere with a score of 3.5 points, divided among 146 reviews.
  3. and Seven Puerto Banús with a score of 3.5 points, divided among 93 Reviews.

Scary Beasts in the Water

The video above shows a five-meter great white shark spotted off the coast of Majorca. Shark sightings in the southern coast of Spain do occur. On May 13 the beaches of Fuengirola (Between Marbella and Málaga) were closed because a 10-foot shark was spotted.

But how about Marbella? Yes, a man on a boat recorded a white juicy shark on camera. There are white sharks and tiger sharks in the Strait of Gibraltar.

A jellyfish alert was declared early August this year. The Pelagia noctiluca (Mauve stinger) is known to multiply fast. Skin contact with a Mauve stinger can cause severe pain. Other symptoms are prolonged itching, reddening, and swelling of the skin, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. After a stitch, you better wash off the wounds with salt water(never with tap water) and cool with ice. This photo shows a Mauve stinger plague is real. The video below shows a giant Medusa in the water of Marbella.

So, what’s next? Asian Hornets? According to the newspaper El Pais, Asian Hornets have already entered the Spanish territory in 2010. More worrisome, they are spreading across Europe according to this interesting Spanish-language documentary.

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