Facelift for Instagram experiment, Man almost drowned in Puerto Banús, Vogue Williams in Marbella and more

A woman fixed her face in a Marbella clinic for her Instagram experiment, a British man almost drowned in the port of Puerto Banús, Vogue Williams spotted in Marbella and the Instagram photo of today.

Instagram facelift experiment

On June 6 the tabloid The Sun wrote an article about the 32-year-old Abigail Love from South Wales. She fixed her face for an Instagram experiment, Radio Marbella has learned.

Love has undergone treatment at Graal Clinic in Marbella. After a few spicy needles in her face, she looks 20 years younger, a figure of speaking.

Abigail Love during the treatment that lasted less than an hour - © Creation PR
Abigail Love during the treatment that lasted less than an hour – © Creation PR

Abigail Love is the director of the fashion shop RAIN. Love explains The Sun that she sees Instagram as a business and that you have to work out what your customers want. She wanted to look good from all angles without using those tricky Instagram filters.

“So I decided to have the new ‘Selfie Facelift’ not because I think I look bad in real life or that I’m unhappy with the way I look, but because I wanted to experiment to see if my likes on Instagram went up or down on my ‘non filtered’ images after having the treatment,” Love told The Sun.

This clearly confirms The Guardian’s story that Instagram users are depressed.

Man almost drowned in Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús Newscafe View
View of the harbour at Newscafe © foursquare.com

On Friday 7 June at 2 a.m., a British tourist fell in the water across Newscafe. The help had a lot of trouble fishing him out of the water because the victim is 6ft tall heavy build. The witnesses Eileen Harte explains to The Olive Press that the people were watching him drown.

“I screamed for someone to get him out – while they were all standing there watching him as he was drowning,” Harte told The Olive Press.

The victim has not suffered any serious injuries, but an experience that he will never forget.

Harte strongly believes that the port is not safe enough. Harte said: “It’s wrong and so very dangerous and something needs to done. What’s more important making the harbour look pretty or saving someone’s life?”

When you go on holiday to Marbella then you know the city is located near the sea. The giant yachts are parked on the side giving the hint there is water. If she finds Puerto Banús unsafe, she will not dare to go outside in Amsterdam.

Whether the victim was under the influence of alcohol is not clear.

Vogue Williams in Marbella

Vogue Williams Marbella
Son Theodore, Vogue Williams, and Spencer Matthews at the beach © MEGA

Irish model, DJ, and Dancing With The Stars contestant Vogue Williams has been spotted in Marbella with her husband Spencer Matthews and her son Theodore, this writes Dailymail.

She proudly shares her adventure in a striped Carla Sunglow bikini worth €175.00.

Vogue Williams shared her opinion on the Kardashian’s shake with The Sun, she said: “I saw Khloe Kardashian pushing a flat tummy shake but those shakes have got laxatives. I hate all that s**t. It’s dumb and dangerous.”

… amen, Williams.

Well, enjoy Marbella!

Photo of the day: Feria de San Bernabe

Every year there is one party you cannot miss. San Bernabe is celebrated throughout the first week of June, also known as Saint Bernabe Fair. This takes place in the old center of Marbella with exceptional food, music, and performances.

In the photo above you see Gabriela Merino in a beautiful flamingo dress.


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