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Exclusive Interview with the Producer of ‘Scream and Shout Remix’ SLORAX

Scream & Shout, the delightful 2013 hit with will.i.am and Britney Spears was again revived end of November 2018 by SLORAX & DOSNER. This wonderfully energetic Deep House stunner reached number 1 in the official Radio Marbella’s Vocal Deep House chart of week 17. Radio Marbella has organized an exclusive interview with SLORAX to find out who is behind the master remix.

Who is SLORAX?

SLORAX is Jorge and he was born on October 15 on 1998 in Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands (Spain). Since he was a baby he was interested in music because his grandfather plays the guitar and music has always accompanied him during his life. Over the years he began to be interested in rock and country and started playing the guitar.

One day in April 2014 he was browsing on YouTube and he found a video of Martin Garrix playing “Proxy” in the Ultra Miami Stage, since that day he felt a deep love to be able to fight to get his music heard and enjoyed by many people just as the public did in the video.

Since that day he started to try to produce EDM. Over the years he signed his first songs with very poor quality small labels. In 2016 he began to take things more seriously, he graduated as a senior sound technician and improved his productions and mixes little by little. At the end of 2018, he decided and he realized that his musical career had to take a 90-degree turn and take another direction so that it would not be forgotten. That’s when he created “SLORAX”.

Let’s interview SLORAX.

Credits: SLORAX

How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

I started producing in 2014, I was not very familiar with the electronic music stage but one day I saw an Ultra Miami video of Martin Garrix (2014) and since this day I began to try to produce under another artist name. “SLORAX” was created in September 2018. My main motivation to continue producing is the progress that you see you are doing over the years, the good friendships that the music brings and the illusion to be more and more close to my dreams.

With all the music producers in the world, what makes you distinguish in this field?

This is a hard question, nowadays a lot of producers make similar music to give a mainstream style to the public being sure that their music will be loved by many people. Over the years (especially this last year) I have been working hard on the sound design of my songs, trying to sound within a specific style but always with a personal touch.

What are your goals in life as a producer?

This is the moment when I can tell you that I want to DJ on Tomorrowland but let’s put our feet on the ground guys. The goals of every person whatever the subject we are talking about should be improving day by day. My next little goal I think it is to try to sign my next tracks in bigger and bigger labels.

What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

Credits: SLORAX

Nowadays I follow and listen to a lot of genres and artists. I can’t choose a singer or a band because there is a lot that is incredible but I can choose a DJ/producer. This one is Don Diablo, he inspired me to continue focused on this long career, apart of his awesome sounds he has a beautiful message behind his songs.

What is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid?

It has to be catchy and must have an incredible mixing and mastering work behind it (especially in the EDM scene)

What is the first thing you listen for when listening to a new recording?

I try to enjoy as a normal listener but if this record is a tool for work on something I am very perfectionist with all its details.

Who is the best music producer working in the industry today?

Maybe I would choose Don Diablo because of his message and his personality but if we are talking about only music I can’t choose anybody. Many producers do incredible tracks.

Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

Yes but is not released yet.

Do you have advice for young people who want to become producers?

I’m not a well-known producer to answer this question but summarized in three words… guys, be patient, perseverant and spend as much time as you can in what you love.

What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

I love to go to the beach with my friends, I usually do exercise, I play the guitar in a local band and all of this kind of things.

Here is his latest release “I’m A Fighter“.

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