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Exclusive Interview With Felea Emanuel

Felea Emanuel will soon be a guest DJ only at Radio Marbella but first it’s time to discover who Felea Emanuel is with this exclusive interview.

Who are you as person and who are you as producer?

As a person i am a kid, teenager especially, trying to keep my life healthy avoiding the drugs, bad vices and the bad habits. I am a photographer too, i like to take a lot of pics. As a producer I am working everyday, listening a lot of music.. trying to fill my mind up with new intel about house and 80s’ & 90s’ music.

What inspires you to integrate Rhythm and blues with your music productions such as Take Care Of Me by Ashlee and did you ever met one of the artists?

Well.. about the rhythms and ideas of making a remix.. it’s all about that moment when you are working and you are sitting in front of the laptop.. they’re coming during the process.. you know.. And with Ashlee i never meet her in real life but we are talking using the socials media..

What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

My favorite producers and remixers are: Dj Dark, Dj Asher, Purple Disco Machine, Black Coffee and Hot Since 82.

What is distinctive about a Felea Emanuel production?

I don’t know if it’s something original about my music.. because outside are a lot of house producers but i really like to have that club vibe and atmosphere.

What is your ritual when you start working on new production?

Before i start my work i want to be calm and be in good mood to getting inspired easily.

What is the biggest goal you want to achieve as producer?

I want to get known by the people as one of the best house producer.

A music producer is a creative person but every creative person struggle sometimes. How do you motivate yourself as a producer to continue?

I am talking with myself during the night and trying to keep me fighting for the goals that i have, because if you’re a honest man and a good person and have a lil bit of good faith in you.. there are chances to be be famous. I don’t know if i will be but i need to try first… anyway i don’t have nothing on the line to lose..so :)))

If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be?

Warrior.. absolutely warrior.

Exclusive Interview With Felea EmanuelWhat is the one thing every song must have for it to have the x-factor?

I think it should make you feel emotions i guess i don’t know how to answer to this question.

What can we expect in the nearby future?

A lot of new remixes and my first album that need to be released in few months.

What would you like to say to our listeners?

Thank you for the all support that you are sending me through the comments and opinions !!! I Love You Guys !!

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