Every Friday DEEPWIBE Session provided by Deepwibe Records

Starting this Friday weekly ‘Deepwibe Session’ show brought by top producers starring Serge:OK, Soundsperale, Alexandr, Rassevich, and QRVZH.

Serge:OK asked Radio Marbella on January 25 if he can host his radio show “Deepwire Session” on our radio.

Of course he can, he is greatly respected by Radio Marbella for his disciplined music productions.

Deepwibe Session

Deepwibe Session is a weekly radio show hosted by residents or Deepwibe Records with focus on Deep House, Now Disco, Soulful from Around the World.

“What we doing, we recording podcast every week with label residents and guest, so from our side we giving one hour podcast every week with good tracks plus some exclusive tracks from our label and our friends,” says Serge:OK.

If you like Radio Marbella’s music you do not want to miss Deepwibe Session according to Serge:OK.

“Deepwibe Session is a weekly radio show hosted by residents of Deepwibe Records with focus on Deep House, Nu Disco, Soulful from around the World,” Serge:OK continued.

Throughout the month 4 DJs with 4 different visions of music. Every week one of the DJ’s will be aired on Radio Marbella:

Make a note, every Friday at 8pm CET “Deepwibe Session” on Radio Marbella.



The name Serge: OK or Sergei Okushko is an influential music producer in Deep House, Indie Dance styles from Estonia.

Besides resident DJ at DI.fm, he is also the founder and PR manager of Deepwibe Records and Deepwibe Underground with many great tracks on his resume.

Radio Marbella already plays music from Serge:OK. Below we made a playlist with the tracks that we already air on Radio Marbella.

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