Meet Eleonora Sebrova for the Hit “I Follow You”

It is time to put the performing artist Eleonora Sebrova in the spotlights. This blonde female beauty is known for, among other things, the smashing hit “I Follow You” that has now been viewed almost 1.5 million times on YouTube.

Eleonora’s delicious song ended up in Radio Marbella’s official TOP 10 chart of week 25 and received the most votes with 104 points.

This means that the MARBS! ONE show on July 21 is dedicated to Eleonora Sebrova.

During this show, ten tracks are played personally chosen by Eleonora and a voice message exclusively for the listeners. The almost 35-year-old singer born in Lithuania tells us last Sunday that some tracks have not yet been released.

Some of the songs are just not released,” says Eleonora. This means that the upcoming MARBS! ONE show is a big treat for the listeners.

Make sure to note this down, Eleonora Sebrova, this Sunday at 3 pm Marbella time. Meanwhile, enjoy the live concert video in the Kaunas ┼Żalgirio arena.

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