Dutch murder suspect arrested in Marbella

Marbella – A 36-year-old Dutchman was arrested in the neighborhood of Marbella. He would be responsible for at least two murders in the Netherlands. A few other assassination attempts by the man would have been thwarted. The Spanish police could not say which murders were involved. The identity of the man was not disclosed.

The Dutch police have requested the cooperation of the Spanish agents for the location and detention of the Dutch citizen.

The National Police has arrested a Dutch fugitive. The Dutch authorities claimed the man has been accused of multiple murders. The arrest took place in a bar in San Pedro de Alcántara, two kilometers from the city of Marbella in Málaga.

The investigation began when the agents received an urgent message from their counterparts in the Netherlands, asking for cooperation for the location and detention of a Dutch citizen.

There is a European order of detention and delivery on him, as reported by the provisional police station. This information related to the fact that the fugitive, belonging to a Dutch Motorcycle club, had committed several murders since 2017. written in a statement.

After receiving the information, the officers moved to Marbella, a city where the fugitive lived with his family. The police were able to locate and detain the suspect. At the time of the arrest, the man was with two other people.


The suspect is now detained and is waiting for a decision from a Spanish judge whether he may be transferred to the Netherlands. Videos are circulating on YouTube showing how the man is pushed to the ground and handcuffed.

The Public Prosecution Service in The Hague confirms that someone has been arrested in Spain at his request. This happened in connection with an ongoing investigation. Unfortunately, we cannot make any further statements on this at the moment,” said a spokesperson.

Motorcycle club

Caloh Wagoh emerged two years ago between street gang Crips and motorcycle club Trailer Trash, which has its roots in the world of campers. After a difference of opinion, Trailer Trash withdrew. The club now has ten Dutch chapters (branches) and one in Belgium, England and Suriname.

According to justice, the motorcycle club is “structurally and inseparably” connected with crime and not with a passion for motorcycling. “Many members cannot even ride a motorcycle,” according to justice. Caloh Wagoh has several hundred members in the Netherlands.

Leader Delano R. is currently in jail on suspicion of involvement in multiple liquidations. Earlier the court banned Bandidos, Satudarah, Hells Angels and No Surrender.

Source: SUR