“Dog Abuser” Brooke Houts Responds To Criticism

YouTube personality star and actress Brooke Houts responds on Twitter on the animal abuse accusation last Wednesday.

Houts came under heavy fire after she accidentally upload a video showing how Sphinx, her young Dobermann, is being mistreated.

According to the crowd, the leaked video shows Houts pressing her dog on the ground, spitting, and kicking (as evident in the tv reflection).

Due to fierce criticism, she decided to deactivate her Twitter and Instagram.

In Houts’ four-part message pinned to her Twitter profile, she states that she is not an animal abuser. The people close to her know she has a great love for animals, especially Sphinx.

Brooke Houts writes on Twitter: “I want to clarify that I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape, or form … Anyone who knows me personally knows I have an immense love for animals, including my own.”

The age of Sphinx is unknown but based on the playful behavior it seems that the dog is still in his crucial phase, namely 1-5 years.

Why crucial?

A young dog is just like a child. If you raise the dog incorrectly and treat it as demonstrated in the video, it can harm the dog mentally. She can make things worse.

According to the Dutch dogs’ specialized website Omlet, they can be aggressive and dominant due to their protective nature. But if attention is paid to education, they are great pets.

Houts denies that she has mistreated Sphinx but contradicts herself by admitting that she has treated her dog aggressively.

“I’m sorry to my dog for raising my voice and acting aggressively,” Houts wrote in her statement.

Dobermann are also playful dogs and Houts punishes her dog for having fun.

Nice boss you have …

The public does not accept her explanation and again Houts gets all the criticism.

“You spit on your dog dude. He wasn’t being aggressive with you, he was being playful. You pushed him down to the floor, you raised your hand, pulled, pushed and yelled. That’s abuse. And by the looks of his reaction, it’s not the first time. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch,” says user Crystal Paterson.

Mexican Jesus made a strong argument: “People buy expensive dogs just to flex and bc they look beautiful but they don’t realize the amount of training that is needed for these dogs. If you can’t handle the training don’t get the dog! Simple. She should find a new home for the dog and stop trying to cover her tracks.”

That’s right, in the statement of Houts she states that she cannot effort the training.

“My family and I are in the process of getting him training. The training that I have been looking at for him is VERY expensive,” Houts wrote.

Houts must realize that Sphinx is very loyal to her. Her interaction with her dog is wrong and can damage the future of this beautiful dog.

For many people, her explanation is weak with many contradictions and it looks like a damage control attempt.

Do you think Houts has abused her dog? Watch and judge.


PETA’s letter to YouTube reads, in part, “Please enact a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who posts videos or photos of themselves harming animals on your platform and immediately—and permanently—ban any user who does so.”

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