Desusino Boys Producer Patrick Jaquemot Passed Away Too Soon

Marbella – The 33-year-old music producer known as the Desusino Boys has recently died, the cause is unknown. The Deep family consisting of music lovers, DJs, and producers express their grief on social networks.

Radio Marbella wants to use this opportunity to show our respect for this very talented music producer. We are very saddened to hear of this tragic news. Our heart goes out to his friends and family at this difficult time.

He was in a positive mood because he posted on his Facebook profile last week that he is going on vacation. Jaquemot wrote on Facebook: “Hi my lovely friends, how are you. I’m on vacation for 2 weeks. I won’t be online often at this time.”

The shock is great because nobody expected this to be a final goodbye, a Facebook user writes.

His last words were grateful words to everyone who supported his music. “I say again thank you very much for all your support as always and I will contact you soon,” Jaquemot continued.

Deep Disco Records has published a mix on Soundcloud as a tribute to the German producer who passed away too soon.

A few years ago they formed a DJ act for the German club scene. Over the years, they’ve developed a unique and tasteful sound.

In 2009 Desusino Boys was picked up by the mega label Swedisch Clubstream and shortly thereafter they started their music label.

In this timeline they have built up a huge number of fans and friends, including DJs and other producers.

In 2011 Desusino Boys released the track Speed, which was pre-released the same year by trance legend Paul Oakenfold.

Songs like “That Is What It” or “Again & Again” are just two honorable mentions of the so many great songs they have produced.

Patrick Jaquemot, rest in peace.