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Deepness Music Interview

Deepness Music has not gone unnoticed at Radio Marbella. Known on YouTube with an average of 4 million views per month and grows almost 10,000 subscribers per month. Learn more about Deepness Music with this exclusive interview.

Who is behind the name Deepness Music Records?

Behind Deepness Music Records is me, Zhoneus Deep, the founder and owner of Deepness Music. I am responsible for every aspect which involves the name “Deepness Music”, from music curation and uploads on Youtube, to talent scouting, artworks, social media etc. Although I am a one-man team, I never feel that I am alone because of the amazing community we managed to gather all these years, and I often refer to Deepness Music as “we”.

Deepness Music is …

Deepness Music is a promotional Youtube channel. Although our main focus is on Youtube, we launched our own label to help promote the artists that we love and for new upcoming talents.

Deepness Music was founded somewhere end 2014. Explain how the ball started to roll?

With patience, passion and after finding the most suitable genre for you as a promoter. We started in November 2014 with a different sub-genre of deep house, as I like to call it: UK Deep House. It is another sub-genre I am passionate about, but after few years collaborations were few and hard to find. The best music was from big labels and for a small channel to get in touch with UK’s most powerful labels like Defected, it’s nearly impossible.

The change from UK Deep House to what we promote today was introduced slowly, combining the two sub-genres in our regular uploads, and in 2017 it was time to re-brand the channel.

2017 was the hardest year for Deepness Music as some of our subscribers weren’t familiar with the new sub-genre and we didn’t had so many Deep House/Nu Disco partner labels, but slowly and without giving up, we managed to build the audience again.

In 2018 the ball started to roll since we had daily uploads the whole summer and we managed to reach 10k subscribers by the end of august. After that, everything started to grow exponentially and here we are today.

What interests you about being a promoter?

My main interest as a promoter is to.. promote haha. One of the channel’s goal is to showcase new and talented artists. We promoted artists with less than 30 Soundcloud plays which eventually got to 10k plays. Although we like to expose new talents, we have a very strict track review system, and we never lower the tracks quality in order to preserve the channel’s unique style of “Melancholic Deep”.

On June 2018 Deepness Music launched its own label. What’s the most challenging scenario you’ve faced as a label? How did you overcome it?

The most challenging part was the legal stuff, with contracts, copyright, etc. You have to do a very good research. Another difficult choice was the distribution.

What can you tell about Deepness Music biggest achievement?

Deepness Music’s biggest achievement is the community we managed to gather. Their support is amazing and I read every comment and try to reply every time it’s needed. I think that interacting with your audience shows respect, and they deserve the best.

I see you collaborated with Robert Cristian on the song Sankt Petersburg. How did this collaboration arose and how is it to with Robert Cristian?

Me and Robert Cristian are from the same country, and we supported a lot of his tracks on the channel. Some of his tracks were unreleased and this is how it happen. Robert Cristian is the nicest guy to work with, he is always positive and working hard on his tracks.

With who would Deepness Music Records like to collaborate with and why?

We are open for everyone that fits our “Melancholic Deep” style. Just send us a demo and we can make it happen.

Is Deepness Music Records working on a project and if so, what can you share with us?

Yes we are but we are waiting the right time to announce it.

Meanwhile on Youtube, we just launched a new project “Atmospheric Deepness”, which focuses on the underground part of deep house. It’s a new concept and we found some amazing labels and artists to work with, and they really deserve the showcase. We are constantly looking for new features, maybe in the future a website or a radio station.

If you had one message to give to our readers, what would it be?

Deep house is such a beautiful genre, because it is filled with so many emotions and not everyone can understand it. You are one of the few that are able to feel it.. to feel the deepness inside.. and for this I compliment you, dear listener.

Thank you for reading the interview and thank you Radio Marbella for the invitation.


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