The Deep House Radio That Rocks, Radio Marbella!

The deep house bible opens with this annual review. What was 2019 like for the deep house radio station Radio Marbella?

The vocal deep house radio station Radio Marbella is sharing the highlights with this annual review. For the newbies, what is Radio Marbella?

The deep house radio station Radio Marbella, situated within stone‚Äôs throw from the Mediterranean sea, is people’s choice for a reason. This deep house radio broadcasts the latest and best musicmixes, and live shows provided by a wide variety of hot DJs and producers of today.

Deep House Radio
Deep house radio Radio Marbella broadcast the latest and best music, shows, news, interviews, and more.

Deep House Radio

Radio Marbella is a deep house radio station based in Marbella, Spain, founded on March 6, 2017, with a musical sauce that contains unique highly addictive tunes labeled as vocal deep house music.

Radio Marbella broadcast, promote, and share the passion for rare electronic music containing the indescribable x-factor that rushes through your veins when listening to it.

Throughout the years, Radio Marbella has built up a considerable reputation in the electronic music industry and not least in the Andalusian region. Radio Marbella collaborates with influential and talented music producers, DJs, and record labels.

Deep house music is an experience.

Deep House Music

2019 is the best year ever for deep house music, according to Google Trends statistics. The search for “deep house” has reached the ceiling. Deep house music is not dead it is more popular than ever.

The mother of deep house, house music, remains the most popular search trend among electronic music.

Unfortunately, deep house music is more exploited than ever before. Deep house music is mislabeled to generate more exposure. Beatport has been addressed about this but to date, you still find happy house and commercial dance music under their deep house section.

Vocal house or vocal deep house, pick one!

Deep House With Vocals

Like EDM, vocal deep house music is not a music genre. Deep vocal house and vocal deep house are umbrella names.

Deep Vocal HouseHouse music with vocal
Vocal Deep HouseDeep house music with vocal

Read “Vocal Deep House Explained” to learn more about this topic.

Luctor et emergo.

Radio Marbella Thanks You

We are enormously grateful for the love and enthusiasm of our dedicated loyal listeners. We want to use this opportunity to thank you.

Radio Marbella will soon turn three years old and we hope to continue ten more years.

You can show Radio Marbella some love by sharing the word about this radio station on your favorite social network or by joining our great community for vocal deep house lovers here.