5 Complaints About YouTube

Complaints do occur but these complaints about YouTube are far from normal. You wonder if you really should start a YouTube channel after reading this?

On YouTube are more than 23 million YouTube channels and over 2 billion active users visit YouTube each month. YouTube has reached a certain peak that it has become the second most popular search engine. When there are many users there are automatically more complaints about YouTube too.

Lack of YouTube support

YouTube Support

You have published a series of videos on your 3 months old YouTube channel but you have a situation where help is needed. One of the most common YouTube complaints is the lack of support.

YouTube has become overcrowded that manual support has to be excluded to all small channels. “Just figure it out for yourself”.

YouTube Favoritism Complaints

“Every content creator is treated equally” is the motto. In practice, YouTube does what it wants and is super sensitive to bad publicity.

A fact-checking channel with 80,000 subscribers was demonetized for misleading metadata, but the serial hoaxer Secureteam10 with 2 million subscribers gets a second chance after crying on Twitter which surprised all debunkers online.

The irony of the story. Both channels were demonetized on May 25, 2019 on violating community guidelines for misleading metadata. The fact-checker and content creator since 2007 left YouTube after the bizarre decision of YouTube.

YouTube Censorship Complaints

YouTube Censorship

Here’s one example YouTube censors content. Lookup on YouTube search and you will find many content creators complaining about this.

The same debunker in the complaint above exposed the 2016 Baghdad bombing that was pushed as news by Associated Press. The security footage showed how they staged it. The video published by the debunker got deleted for “bullying”?

There is an article on the internet that covers this story. What you can see is that all videos in that article no longer exist. All channels are terminated, need more examples?

YouTube Burnout Complaints

Research has shown that the burnout YouTubers are mostly about older channels that make a full-time income as YouTuber. See for yourself.

The pressure increases as a channel grow. The rules of the game become increasingly difficult that sooner or later a content creator reaches a point depression kicks in.

On this video platform a kind of idealistic idea is pumped into the creator’s brain “Do this, do that … and you get more views”

YouTube Monetization Under Review Complaints

The number one complain about YouTube is about the partner program with the passageway to monetize your videos.

YouTube has been under heavy fire in recent years and with the upcoming article 13 legislation, this private company wants to protect itself against bad actors.

YouTube maintains a threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. People who have achieved this can have their channel reviewed but nothing happens.

Do you have complaints about YouTube?

Do you have complaints about YouTube? Let us know.