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Club Med Magna Marbella Hotel Creates 300 New Jobs in Marbella
Marbella - Magna Investment will open Club Med Magna Marbella hotel at the end of March 2020. This creates 300 new jobs in Marbella says HR recruiter, communication, and employer branding of Clubmed, Costanza Maria Costa today in a conversation with Radio Marbella. Marbella Azul reports a year ago a press conference took place at Hotel Don Miguel in Marbella....
Michael Jackson's first concert in Spain was in Marbella
Michael Jackon's very first appearance in Spain was in Marbella. The king of pop started his Bad Tour in Spain on August 5, 1988, at the Estadio Municipal de Marbella soccer stadium. Two days later in Madrid and four days later in Barcelona before he left to France. Michael Jackson stayed at the Los Monteros Hotel across Hospital Costa del...

Freelance Sales Representatives (M/F)

Job in Marbella 2019 - Radio Marbella is hiring freelance sales representatives
Radio Marbella is a very popular radio station based in Marbella and is recruiting fresh, representative, and sales-driven freelancers. Closed. Job Description Your main task as a sales representative is to negotiate face-to-face with companies in Puerto Banús to advertise on Marbella’s hottest radio station. Offer Very attractive high commission. You have complete freedom to organize your own working hours and days. ...

Vote for Radio Marbella

Vote for Radio Marbella
Do you listen to Radio Marbella and do you want to keep vocal deep house music alive? Then we only ask 5 minutes of your time to vote for us. Radio Marbella is a popular radio station growing with 1,000 listeners every month. Our goal is to reach the top worldwide but that is only possible with your help. We ask...
Radio Marbella, a vocal deep house radio station in Marbella, received this week the title of best internet radio. This is the second time in one year that we have received this fantastic title. Before we move on, we want to thank all listeners, labels, DJs, and companies in Marbella for their support. The award The owner of Satellite Streaming Server's inc,...
Radio Marbella Is Looking For "Female" Vocal Deep House DJs
It is time to expand the team, therefore Radio Marbella is looking for female vocal deep house DJs. The resident DJ receives a weekly show at Radio Marbella. For the days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there is still room for a show. Female DJs The resident DJ team of Radio Marbella currently only consists of men. To maintain balance, only female...
Starting this Friday weekly 'Deepwibe Session' show brought by top producers starring Serge:OK, Soundsperale, Alexandr, Rassevich, and QRVZH. Serge:OK asked Radio Marbella on January 25 if he can host his radio show "Deepwire Session" on our radio. Of course he can, he is greatly respected by Radio Marbella for his disciplined music productions. Deepwibe Session Deepwibe Session is a weekly radio show hosted...
Listen To Vocal Deep House Music - Super HQ Radio Now Available
Radio Marbella launched a new vocal deep house radio stream two days ago. From now on you can enjoy pure music of the highest quality 'without' commercials and absolutely 'no' interruptions. Good news for vocal deep house fanatics. Radio Marbella has upgraded a lot couple of days ago to offer you the best. Time to "Go Premium". Let us briefly introduce...
What Will Vocal Deep House Music Do In 2018?
We have good news for vocal deep house enthusiasts. 2018 is going to be a spectacular year with lots of smashing hits and deep sounds that will make your heart beat faster, according to respectful music producers and Radio Marbella's statistics of 2017. That's right, vocal deep house music is working on a comeback, even better, it looks sunny and...
Radio Marbella nominated as one of the "best" radio stations from around the world
The people have chosen, Radio Marbella is nominated as one of the best radio stations. The radio directory website StreamFinder with over 29,000 radio stations from around the world told Radio Marbella today by e-mail that the people find Radio Marbella one of the best radio stations. "StreamFinder.com is an internet radio station directory that lists over 29,727(according to the website)...


Highlight of Marbella 2019

Highlights of Marbella 2019



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10 Diverse Marbella Moments #MarbellaGram

Once again, we feature ten most recent Instagram posts made in Marbella. Bon appétit
Embarrassing Nightclub Moments

10 Embarrassing Nightclub Moments

Who is the Richest DJ in the World of 2019?

Who is the Richest DJ in the World of 2019?