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Marbella – A 36-year-old Dutchman was arrested in the neighborhood of Marbella. He would be responsible for at least two murders in the Netherlands. A few other assassination attempts by the man would have been thwarted. The Spanish police could not say which murders were involved. The identity of the man was not disclosed.

YouTube personality star and actress Brooke Houts responds on Twitter on the animal abuse accusation last Wednesday.

Marbella – Radio Marbella is eager to announce a brand new sponsorship with the world’s pioneer in all-inclusive resorts, Club Med.

Marbella – The 33-year-old music producer known as the Desusino Boys has recently died, the cause is unknown. The Deep family consisting of music lovers, DJs, and producers express their grief on social networks.

Deepness Music has not gone unnoticed at Radio Marbella. Known on YouTube with an average of 4 million views per month and grows almost 10,000 subscribers per month. Learn more about Deepness Music with this exclusive interview.

The smashing House track “Mismatch – Fallen (feat. Jasmine Knight)” released on April 1, 2019, by Open House Records received the most chart votes of the “Vocal Deep House Top 10 Week 24” music chart. This means that Mismatch and Jasmine Knight are central to the MARBS show! ONE on 7 July.

The Italian producer Andrew Ross is participating in the JOWST Remix Contest organized by JOWST.

Sandy Gorgeous is ranked 3rd in the Vocal Deep House chart with the delightful track ‘The Second Game’. The producer and DJ received the most votes with 34 votes, Radio Marbella shines the spotlight on Sandy.

Are you a content creator on YouTube and you want extra publicity? Awesome! Radio Marbella is looking for YouTubers for the next swinging music video.

A woman fixed her face in a Marbella clinic for her Instagram experiment, a British man almost drowned in the port of Puerto Banús, Vogue Williams spotted in Marbella and the Instagram photo of today.