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Andrey Sostin speaks about 'Say It's Over' but remains modest


Andrey Sostin speaks about ‘Say It’s Over’ but remains modest

Andrey Sostin talks exclusively on Radio Marbella about his recent single "Say It's Over". The Russian music producer recently spoke before New Years Day about his single that he dropped on December 17, 2020. Sostin heard a great acapella and without hesitation he turned it into a great song that resulted in the Deep House single "Say It's Over" released by Road Story Records. The weather also played an important […]

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Mar G Rock shows gratitude to producers who contributed to his EP "Your Loving Arms"


Mar G Rock Shows Gratitude to Producers Who Contributed to His EP “Your Loving Arms”

Mar G Rock tells Radio Marbella today a music producer gave him the idea to drop the EP "Your Loving Arms". He also praised the producers who contributed to his EP. Rock's EP dropped last week with incredible remixes by The Distance & Igi, Spiros Hamza, Sharapov, and Nikko Culture. Actually, Alexey Sharapov inspired him to do an EP after doing a remix of "Your Loving Arms". "The idea […]

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Why is Friday a big day for Sharapov?

Sharapov is this Friday special guest on Radio Marbella. The DJ and top producer known for slammers such as "Who Got The Funk," "Better With You," and "Sweet Dreams" is mentally prepared for an exclusive show at 2000 CET. That same day is the release date of the album "The Palms of Miami" by Road Story Records including Sharapova's bangers "So Free" and "Closer (The Distance & Igi Remix)". You […]

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NICCKO - drops his album 'Let Me Take It All'


NICCKO drops his album ‘Let Me Take It All’

Deep Disco Records released Niccko's new album "Let Me Take It All" today. The album "Let Me Take It All" consists of thirteen sensational songs with a total playtime of one hour and six minutes. Gabriel Ribeiro or NICCKO is a passionate music producer from São Paulo, Brazil known for his Melodic Deep House music. The most-watched YouTube video, with a whopping 114,000 views, is "Fall Into You."

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elon musk loves edm


SpaceX Boss Elon Musk Loves EDM

On January 31, 2020, the boss of the Aerospace company SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, shared a Soundcloud song on his Twitter account, which resulted in launching the song the Soundcloud Chart Top 50. The song entitled "Don't Doubt ur Vibe" broke the top in two Soundcloud charts as a result of Elon's tweet. The song landed on #7 Soundcloud Top 50 chart and #2 Soundcloud New & Hot chart […]

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rudii i need u


“I Need U” compared to Mona Lisa

Begin November producer and DJ Rudii dropped his I Need U - EP. Today he explains the motivation behind his song. Rudii explains to Radio Marbella that he has scraped all the positive and bad moments together and made a song with those feelings. "My inspiration for this piece came, from the stories which can be found in anybody's life, good and bad moments, new love, heart break, new start […]

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Anton Ishutin - Take Me Far Away


Anton Ishutin’s Take Me Far Away, Just Very Delicious!

Anton Ishutin dropped today his new single 'Take Me Far Away'. The slamming album consists of an original mix and a radio edit released under the umbrella of the record label Exx Muzik. The Nu-Disco track is a wonderful song made up of lovely strings, piano, and deep vocal, listen for yourself and share your opinion about this song! You must have this fiery song in your music collection. Download […]

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Madonna once rejected David Guetta because of his ZODIAC SIGN!


Madonna once rejected David Guetta because of his ZODIAC SIGN!

The queen of pop Madonna once turned down a collaboration with David Guetta because of his zodiac sign. The two icons met for a business lunch for a possible musical collaboration. When Madonna learned about his zodiac sign, she was suddenly no longer interested in working with him, Guetta told Mcfly et Carlito in an interview two days ago. "Suddenly, she makes a face and she says to me, ´I’m […]

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