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Sous Sol’s delicious remixed version of “Dizzy Rhythm” is on top of the Deep House Beatport Top 10 for a while. This Incredible remix is produced by the Romanian producer Mihai Popoviciu.

Marbella – Lip biting song by Sinego and Andee Zeta “Me Muerdo Los Labios” shows that Latin music also has nostalgic, dark and poetic facets. Latin music is known for festive, joyful, and warm charisma. “Me Muerdo Los Labios” is inspired by the Ecuadorian, Colombian and Argentinian boleros like artists such as Julio Jaramillo, Gardel, […]

Is Vocal Deep House music is a subgenre? What is it? … In this article you learn more about the history, the biggest misunderstanding about Deep House music and much more interesting stuff.

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August 16, 2019

Da Buzz

Da Buzz a Swedish legendary dance pop group formed 1998. Had their first hit and Platinum seller in Sweden 2000 with the song “Do You Want Me”.

Meet DJ Ozan Akcicek who has Turkey’s and almost the world’s most distinct career. Besides his teaching career at different universities at a young age, we are talking about a DJ career which was started at times when he was a high school student working at a radio station to the recent times of unforgettable […]

Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal are ranked in the Top 10 chart #27 with the great hit “Lena” but the duo from Turkey also received the most votes. You know what that means, they are put in the spotlight during the MARBS! ONE talk show.

Marbella – The 33-year-old music producer known as the Desusino Boys has recently died, the cause is unknown. The Deep family consisting of music lovers, DJs, and producers express their grief on social networks.

Mar G Rock, known for “In My Arms”, “Tell Me”, and “Move On” is the center of attention during the MARBS! ONE show of July 28.

It is time to put the performing artist Eleonora Sebrova in the spotlights. This blonde female beauty is known for, among other things, the smashing hit “I Follow You” that has now been viewed almost 1.5 million times on YouTube.

Deepness Music has not gone unnoticed at Radio Marbella. Known on YouTube with an average of 4 million views per month and grows almost 10,000 subscribers per month. Learn more about Deepness Music with this exclusive interview.