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Felea Emanuel will soon be a guest DJ only at Radio Marbella but first it’s time to discover who Felea Emanuel is with this exclusive interview.

Scream & Shout, the delightful 2013 hit with and Britney Spears was again revived end of November 2018 by SLORAX & DOSNER. This wonderfully energetic Deep House stunner reached number 1 in the official Radio Marbella’s Vocal Deep House chart of week 17. Radio Marbella has organized an exclusive interview with SLORAX to find out […]

On 31 July the chart opened where people could vote from five Deepwibe Records tracks. Below is the result:

Starting this Friday weekly ‘Deepwibe Session’ show brought by top producers starring Serge:OK, Soundsperale, Alexandr, Rassevich, and QRVZH.

The Belgian DJ and producer Kenn Colt dedicates the song ‘Come Back To Me’ to his recently deceased Dutch girlfriend Dominique Lousberg. “I want to send people home a message: Live today because it can be over before you know it,” says Colt. Kenn Colt, a very popular DJ and producer from Belgium, had a […]

We have good news for vocal deep house enthusiasts. 2018 is going to be a spectacular year with lots of smashing hits and deep sounds that will make your heart beat faster, according to respectful music producers and Radio Marbella’s statistics of 2017.

Who is Grivina, the Russian beauty from the smashing hit ‘I Love Deep House’. Especially for our Russian listeners and vocal deep house enthusiasts, Radio Marbella goes into investigation and here is the result.