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Meet the Duo Behind “Lena” Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal

Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal are ranked in the Top 10 chart #27 with the great hit “Lena” but the duo from Turkey also received the most votes. You know what that means, they are put in the spotlight during the MARBS! ONE talk show.

The roof blowing song “Lena” has reached nearly 100,000 views on YouTube and because they won the charts with 28 points they were on MARBS! ONE.

Radio Marbella has added a new element to the show so that the listeners get to know the stars in a comical way. We’ve confronted the duo with ten funny questions. We must admit, they have answered them very well.

A six-year-old child asks you if Ghosts are real… What do you say?

Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal answered: “Ghosts are just an imagination made to frighten children in our minds and mischievous children”.

Blond, brunette, black, or red hair?

Curious what they’ve answered on that? Listen to the show. The show is available here.

Cagri Guzet & Unsal Koksal

Cagri Guzet is a very young music producer and you know him from the delicious hits “Cadence” and “Yoga” but also “Hard Time” and the 2017 hit “Hands Up”. Unsal Koksal, the sidekick who produced “Lena” too is also from Istanbul.

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