Body Missing mother Rebecca Muldoon found on Marbella beach

Body Missing mother Rebecca Muldoon found on Marbella beach

Rebecca Muldoon, a mother of two, was found dead on the beach of Marbella on valentine’s day. The Spanish police have not yet officially identified the body but said it is most likely about the woman who went missing two weeks ago.

Rebecca Muldoon was last seen on January 2 at the same spot where the body was found on January 14 close to Victor’s Beach Bar.

A local made a beach walk on the Oasis Beach(El Oasis beach) and discovered around 9 A.M. CET a body of a woman.

The partner of the 35-year-old Rebecca Muldoon was immediately a person of interest due to domestic abuse. What makes it more suspicious, Muldoon disappeared on the day of the court.

The Spanish police received a call from worried neighbors who reported shouting and loud screams. This happened on the evening on January 1.

“Did you know that the court was unaware that Mr Muldoon was on the UK’s most wanted list, and he had been on the run since last April?”

Mr. Muldoon was arrested but she refused to charge him and she was not present at the hearing. During the hearing, evidence would be given against her partner.

Rebecca Muldoon left home on the second day of the year leaving her two children alone. Her two children, aged 8 and 11 are now with their grandmother in the UK.

Body Missing mother Rebecca Muldoon found on Marbella beach
Isolated the location where the body has found. / Josele-Lanza

Sources of the investigation confirm based on the clothes and the physical characteristics it could be about Rebecca Muldoon, the British woman of 35 years disappeared in Marbella and of which there is no news since last January 2.

However, they point out that tests will have to be carried out, given that the body has a significant deterioration due to the time in the sea.

The disappearance occurred after an alleged event of mistreatment by his partner, about him who refused to testify.

Paul Muldoon marbella
Marbella: Paul Muldoon and Rebecca Muldoon

Although detectives are still awaiting the results of forensic tests to confirm her identity, they recognised her from photos and her clothing, according to reports. A post mortem examination will confirm the cause of Rebecca’s death after her body was found by a female jogger on Oasis beach.

The family ask for support of everyone that knew her, to help raise funds of repatriation and giving her the send-off she deserves, and the final farewell from her children, family and friends.

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