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Freelance Sales Representatives (M/F)

Radio Marbella is a very popular radio station based in Marbella and is recruiting fresh, representative, and sales-driven freelancers.

Job in Marbella 2019 - Radio Marbella is hiring freelance sales representatives
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Radio Marbella again selected as the best radio

Radio Marbella, a vocal deep house radio station in Marbella, received this week the title of best internet radio. This is the second time in one year that we have received this fantastic title.

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Radio Marbella Is Looking For “Female” Vocal Deep House DJs

It is time to expand the team, therefore Radio Marbella is looking for female vocal deep house DJs. The resident DJ receives a weekly show at Radio Marbella. For the days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there is still room for a show.

Radio Marbella Is Looking For "Female" Vocal Deep House DJs
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Radio Marbella – Best Music Also for Beach, Bars, and Companies

In Costa del Sol Radio Marbella delivers the best music for beaches, bars, and even companies. The music is very suitable for a large audience. Delightfully deep, acoustic sounds with a modern edge that fits perfectly with the image of this Spanish beach resort Marbella.

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Radio Marbella nominated as one of the “best” radio stations from around the world

The people have chosen, Radio Marbella is nominated as one of the best radio stations.

Radio Marbella nominated as one of the "best" radio stations from around the world

It is time to put the performing artist Eleonora Sebrova in the spotlights. This blonde female beauty is known for, among other things, the smashing hit “I Follow You” that has now been viewed almost 1.5 million times on YouTube.

Deepness Music has not gone unnoticed at Radio Marbella. Known on YouTube with an average of 4 million views per month and grows almost 10,000 subscribers per month. Learn more about Deepness Music with this exclusive interview.

The smashing House track “Mismatch – Fallen (feat. Jasmine Knight)” released on April 1, 2019, by Open House Records received the most chart votes of the “Vocal Deep House Top 10 Week 24” music chart. This means that Mismatch and Jasmine Knight are central to the MARBS show! ONE on 7 July.

Take acting courses at Marbella Film School. Polish your acting skills by learning from professionals. Using exclusive acting techniques studied by actors such as Robert De Niro, Barbara Stuart, and Martin Sheen will help people with the dream of becoming an actor.

The Italian producer Andrew Ross is participating in the JOWST Remix Contest organized by JOWST.

Sandy Gorgeous is ranked 3rd in the Vocal Deep House chart with the delightful track ‘The Second Game’. The producer and DJ received the most votes with 34 votes, Radio Marbella shines the spotlight on Sandy.

The high season is about to begin in Marbella! That means loads of tourists, parties … and lots of crazy figures of course! Every year exceptional figures return to Marbs, they dress weirdly or you see them barely because they sleep their entire holiday on the toilet.

Are you a content creator on YouTube and you want extra publicity? Awesome! Radio Marbella is looking for YouTubers for the next swinging music video.

A woman fixed her face in a Marbella clinic for her Instagram experiment, a British man almost drowned in the port of Puerto Banús, Vogue Williams spotted in Marbella and the Instagram photo of today.

In this article, you will learn three tips on how to find long term rentals in Marbella the best way. If you are looking for long term holiday rentals, apartments, or villas then this article is meant for you.