The Best Vocal Deep House Music only at Radio Marbella

The Best Vocal Deep House Music only at Radio Marbella

For the best and last delicious Vocal Deep House music you listen to Radio Marbella. A music genre suitable for all sorts of things.

For example, our radio station is tuned-in by 13 IP addresses from Whitehouse Station, NJ, United States, for almost 24/7. Meaning, 13 shops or businesses located in this shopping center are listening to this Vocal Deep House Radio station.

A barber shop from Barcelona is listening to Radio Marbella but also bars in Marbella to people at home.

What is Vocal Deep House?

Vocal Deep House is a branch of Deep House music. It has a slower pace than ordinary house music. Deep house reaches between 120 beats per minute to 125 beats per minute while normal house music can reach up to 130 bpm. Vocal Deep House music is Deep House music but with the emphasis on vocal.

House music was born in Chicago. In the eighties, people like Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson house produced music with a lot of influence of Soul music. Like the song “Your Love“.

Most Popular Songs of 2017

According to our statistics, these are the following 5 most popular Vocal Deep House songs from the past 30 days:

  1. SURF, Mart – Club Bizarre
  2. Mike R – Raining On Me (Alexander Hristov Remix)
  3. Alex Mica – Dalinda (Suprafive 2k17 Remix)
  4. Pascal Junior – Holdin On (Radio Edit)
  5. Melih Aydogan – Loved By U (Feat. Ria)

Your Love

Let us show respect to the founder of house music, Frankie Knuckles.

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