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Banks in Spain Applying Illegal Commissions and Fees

Marbella – Spanish banks such as Banco Sabadell charges extremely high commissions and interests. Because customers are not aware of the law, the bank continues to practice this scam. The company Economía Zero helps people to get their money back and with success. 99% of the victims who received help from this company based in Leon won.

Banco de España demands that every bank in Spain meets the standards but that doesn’t happen in practice. Each quarter a Banco Sabadell customer pays an average of €54.00 for so-called service labeled as “fees and/or commissions” knowing that the bank has more than 11.4 million customers. A consumer must pay for the service that is provided. This can be disputed knowing that this is all handled by a computer.

If you are a little familiar with “Rich dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, debt is an asset for the bank. When a Sabadell customer is in debt, the bank tacitly settles 100% to 150% interest. If you don’t hurry up, this will be repeated. The bank is literally exploits its customer and that is illegal.

  • If you don’t know what to say, don’t go to the office. You are dealing with smart people in suits who embarrass you.
  • Don’t use the reclamation form (hoja reclamacion de consumo) that is available at your bank. It is to the advantage of the bank in question.

Illegal Bank Commissions and Fees

Low-income people and the elderly are usually the victims due to lack of awareness. A Banco Sabadell customer, since 2012, explains Radio Marbella that he reached a debit of €40,00 on his bank account for a few days because of his income overpassing his fixed charges. In less than 20 days, the consumer has paid €120.00 on commissions. The victim who wishes to remain anonymous declares that he pays commissions almost on a monthly basis. The Sabadell customer receives automated text messages and phone calls for which he also has to pay commission and that is not allowed because it is automation which is not a service. Unless Sabadell can prove this with a “Justificante”.

The reviews don’t lie, Economía Zero is the lifesaver who successfully have won so far all cases against corrupt banks in Spain.

Radio Marbella breaks the story …

This is what you have to do:

  1. Go to the bank’s office and ask for bank statements (Max. five years)
  2. You are being lied when the employee tells you it is not possible. They can request information at the touch of a button.
  3. When the employee asks why you need this you say ‘For a divorce’ or ‘heritage’.
  4. Do not make a scene if the bank does not want to cooperate.
  5. No cooperation? Complete this form and send it as registered letter to the headquarters of your bank.
  6. The bank is forced to comply. You will receive bank statements within a few weeks.
  7. Once received. Contact Economía Zero and explain your situation and that you have the complete bank statement.
  8. Economía Zero don’t speak English. Ask a friend to call for you if you don’t speak Spanish.

Economía Zero requires €15.00 deposit and 5% of the total amount you get back. The deposit will be deducted from the total amount.

Website: economiazero.com

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