Understand you are missing leads as a company because you don't make your business heard on this radio station.

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Because of the expanding consumers and technology companies alike should self-direct the question: Is it necessary for me to advertise on the radio? The response must be a crystal clear "yes".

You know from your own experience that your company cannot survive without consumers and that time can cost you a lot of money, better yet, time can make or break your business. Hopefully, you won't let this happen.

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Research has shown that internet technology has made people lazy as a result it becomes extremely difficult for you to get a call to action (CTA) out of people on online platforms. Around 30% of all internet users use ad blockers and because of the increase advertisements on the internet people suffer from ad tiredness making them used to see ads resulting in flushing your advertisement budget down the drain.

The internet makes AM/FM radio stations outdated because everyone is connected to the internet, just like television. That is why mainstream media has its own YouTube channel nowadays.

Online radio advertisement does not have this problem if you deploy a smart radio advertisement. A good example is McDonald's. Everyone recognizes the melody of the fast-food restaurant McDonald's.

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Radio advertising works to your advantage!

What are my benefits?

We understand what you want.


Listening to Radio Marbella is never monotonous and therefore very addictive. This is due to our very well-balanced programs that make a radio advertisement a desirable part for our listeners, your leads. The concentration and retention of our listeners are extremely strong.

This works to the advantage of your business due to the fact that full attention is paid to your message. Realize that this kind of power can be yours.


Your radio advertisement is the sound of your business that is heard by thousands of listeners every day. The delivery of your message, powered by the balanced programming, combined with a professional advertisement is as powerful as the big bang.

We produce a radio advertisement for your company on a professional level that is smart and easily digestible for the listener.

3. 100% guaranteed you reach your leads

Radio Marbella has the listeners and an ocean of warm leads. The fishing gear is explained in great detail. It is now up to you to cast the rod.

Your company must achieve certain goals and the right step for you to take is to give your company a voice by advertising on Radio Marbella.

The icing on the cake, you make your company famous because your company is constantly being heard.

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For more info: Download Media Kit 2020

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