Radio Marbella is a vocal deep house radio station broadcasting the very best music worldwide from the bustling Spanish city Marbella. Radio Marbella is situated within stone’s throw from the Mediterranean sea and by definition a real beach radio.

The unique deep house theme of Radio Marbella is inspired by the Marbella lifestyle. The Andalusian city has the reputation as the luxurious heaven of Europe, celebrity hotspot, the best high-standard nightlife of Europe, beauty, and the place of the high-class successful companies ready to serve residents and outsiders who demand the best-unprecedented service.

Radio Marbella delivers the highest quality music from known and unknown producers to guarantee ‘thousands of weekly listeners’ an addictive experience with great and new music every day. The evenings are furnished with a handful of selected resident DJs consisting of an international team that briefly takes the listeners into their realm of ecstasy.

Shortly after the official opening of Radio Marbella —on March 6, 2017— the reputation exploded at an unprecedented pace. The name has now become an acknowledged and reliable brand in the electronic music industry.

Deep house music lovers from all over the world such as Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States loves this radio station.

The trademark of Radio Marbella is self explanatory. The logo symbolizes the waves of the Mediterranean sea because Radio Marbella is located a few meters from the sea that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Meanwhile, Radio Marbella has grown into a sensational vocal deep house music radio station that is indispensable.

Radio Marbella’s goal is to connect more people around the globe to smashing vocal deep house music and help producers thrive to success by creating awareness to their musical talents. Radio Marbella is going to organize events in the near future.

Become a member of Radio Marbella and enjoy your favorite music in super high quality without commercial breaks.