50-year-old woman brutally robbed in Marbella

Marbella – A 50-year-old old woman was taken to the hospital after a violent robbery at a bus stop in Puerto Banús, Marbella last week.

Silvana, a Brazilian woman and 17-year resident of Marbella, was on her way home when she was robbed by two men. She has had three fractures at her shoulder as a result of the violence.


In the night on Wednesday, September 28, the 50-year-old woman Silvana was brutally robbed while she was waiting for the bus to go home. This took place half past eleven at night at Carril de Picaza, Marbella. This reports Málaga Hoy.

“Drop the bag or I’ll kill you”

Two individuals, one with tattoos on one leg and also on both arms, approached the 50-year-old woman from behind and were forcefully pulling her bag until, according to her testimony, she broke her shoulder. “They took it violently and threw me on the ground. They dragged me over the asphalt. The bag was stuck under my shoulder,” explains the victim, who described that one has Spanish and one Arab has traits.

The arm of the woman. Credits malagahoy.es

The woman was helped by a national police patrol. The deputies called an ambulance and were taken to the QuirónSalud hospital in Marbella.

Silvana only had 15 euros in her bag and a cell phone with a value of around 200 euros. She has lost her documents and reading glasses. The cost is around 500 euros, she desperately needs her glasses because she has cataract problems in both her eyes.


A 40-year-old Spanish woman was on her way home last month when she was being chased by a man who wanted sex with her.

The woman was chased by this man when she exit the bus near the Burger King in Marbella and stood face to face with the man on Calle Nuestra Señora de Gracia.

“He has run miles to cut me off”

The man had a very strange look in his eyes and was very scary. “I grabbed my phone and threatened to call the police,” she explains.

The man quivered and finally left. It was about a big white man.

She had a one-time experience with a bus driver. She explains that a bus driver had wrong intentions and refused to open the doors for her when she wanted to get off the bus.

Bus stops

More and more women are being harassed when they are alone waiting for the bus.

Cars reduce speed and try to lure women to get into the car by offering a free ride.

Our concerns go to young women who are often naive around this age.

Safety tips

  • Try to avoid the streets at night when alone.
  • Look for the crowds if you have to go outside.
  • The golden tip is: Pretend you are calling. When you see problems down the street just pretend you’re calling, talk loudly, and don’t make eye contact.