Vocal Deep House Radio Station With The Best Vocal Deep House Music of 2017

Vocal deep house radio station Radio Marbella plays straight from the luxurious Puerto Banús the best and latest vocal deep house songs. Don’t miss it! Most vocal deep house radio stations don’t stick to their promise but Marbella Radio does, and that’s playing the best vocal deep house music for you.

On March 6, Marbella Radio is born and had zero listeners. Today, July 22, we have 46,172 unique listeners covering 170 countries. On our Facebook page we have a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

What does it mean if listeners support us and rate Marbella Radio with 5 stars? Precisely that we are the best!

We even make so much progress that we are sponsored by Satellite Streaming Servers Inc. A company specialized in radio streaming which ensures that you can always enjoy from our vocal deep house radio whenever you want.

What is Vocal Deep House?

Vocal Deep House is a branch of Deep House music. It has a slower pace than ordinary house music. Deephouse reaches between 120 beats per minute to 125 beats per minute while normal house music can reach up to 130 bpm. Vocal Deep House music is Deep House music but with the emphasis on vocal.

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Marbella Radio Facts

Marbella Radio is very proud that it is going very well. Here are some facts in a row:

  • In July we have reached an average of 1118 streaming Hours/day
  • We share our statistics every month on Facebook. We grow each month with more listeners.
  • From March 6th to July 22th, we have 5.186.898 total listened minutes or 86.448.30 hours
  • From March 6 to July 22 we have 212.170 sessions
  • From 6 March to 22 July, we have 46.337 unique listeners
  • From March 6 to July 22 170 countries listened to our music
  • We do not Geo-block countries
  • We have no affinity with Radionomy, they steal our radio stream without authorization to make revenue by means of Adsense advertisements. However you can always upvote it to support us 😉
  • Germany has listened most to Marbella Radio, over 1,242,480 minutes.
  • According to statistics, Arilena Ara – Nentori (Mike Temoff Remix) is the most popular vocal deep house track.
  • Least popular track is “All I Want” by Chemical Disco & Folky which makes the listeners disconnect and run away as far as possible.
  • We add every day brand new releases

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